If you get ingrown hairs this is for you

There can be many contributing factors to the development of ingrown hairs, a problem many people experience after hair removal…

Control ingrown hairs with this brand new range of skin care products and maintain healthy smooth hydrated skin all the time by using simple steps to condition your skin, preventing irritation, sensitivity and ingrown hairs.


  • Cleanse with Cleansing Skin Wash everyday
  • Sooth after showering apply Soothing Skin Gel as often as needed for 5 days after hair removal
  • Exfoliate by apply Cleansing Skin Wash to a scrub mitt 1-2 times a week
  • Maintain once your skin has recovered from hair removal apply Ingrown Hair Cream everyday
  • Scrub with Cleansing Salt Scrub a couple of times a month scrub
  • Spot treat ingrown hairs directly with Tea tree & Lavender pure essential oils several times a day

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Essential Cleansing Wash contains anti bacterial aromatic deep cleansing revitalizing pure essential oils: Lavender, Tea tree, Pettigrain, Lemon myrtle and Grapefruit in a gentle PH balanced body wash gel. This is a better option  rather than soap because soaps often cause an impaired skin barrier and alter the ph. PH is the acid/ alkaline level which controls the bacterial balance and stripping the natural oils and moisture levels leaving it vulnerable to infection.

Cleanse your skin with Essential Cleansing Skin Wash everyday followed by a generous application of Soothing Skin Gel as often as needed for about 5 days after hair removal. Soothing Skin Gel will reduce irritation caused by hair removal methods including laser, shaving, waxing or body sugaring. Suitable for entire body and it is safe enough to use on the face. Soothing calming botanicals Aloe Vera, Cucumber. Lavender & Chamomile plus Bisabolol (anti irritant that is derived from German Chamomile) Arnica, Green Tea. Calendula extracts to promote healing and recovery.

Once or twice a week you can exfoliate your skin while showering with Essential Cleansing Skin Wash applied to a scrub mitt, make sure you put it in the sun to dry between scrubs as they can also harbor bacteria. By regular exfoliation you are removing dead skin cells to promote development and turnover of new skin cells. Shedding these old used cells is allowing your skin to breath, oxygen kills bacteria that can cause infection in the hair follicles.

The weeks following maintain smooth, even skin with Ingrown Hair Cream. It helps to soothe and hydrate, reducing irritation and inflammation that are caused by ingrown hairs. This product contains Salicylic acid which helps to unclog pores and exfoliate ‘hair trapping’ dead skin cells. In addition pure essential oils, antioxidants and fruit extracts including Papaya, Tea tree, Lavender & Soy bean. Vit E, Honey, Aloe Vera, Bisobolol  and Shea butter to calm, nourish, hydrate & rejuvenate.

A couple of times month you can do a thorough deep skin exfoliation with the Cleansing Salt Scrub but don’t do a salt scrub during the week after your hair removal. This luxurious salt scrub contains Himalayan salt, sweet almond, apricot, evening primrose, avocado, grapeseed & coconut oil, Aloe Vera, Shea & mango butter. Lavender, grapefruit, lemon myrtle, tea tree & pettigrain essential oils.  Simply massage it on dry skin, pop in the shower and rinse off. Your skin will tingle, smell beautiful and the body butter remains to rehydrate and repair the skin barrier. It is an all in one deep cleansing, invigorating, purifying, hydrating & protective mixture blended with anti ageing, rejuvenating and soothing mineral enriched Himalayan salt crystals and seaweed extract.

If you get an ingrown hair that is red, inflamed and sore make sure you wash your hands before and after touching the effected skin to avoid contaminating other hair follicle and do not scrub it and never squeeze it. This causes trauma & inflammation to the skin plus spreads bacteria creating infection. Your natural immune response encapsulates the infection so it can’t spread through your body and next comes a red, sore irritated lump that doesn’t heal quickly.  If the skin is broken apply tea tree and lavender essential oils several times a day directly to the area followed by the Soothing Body Gel.  Expose the skin as often as possible (oxygen kills bacteria) and avoid wearing nylon or tight fitting clothing.

Reducing your stress levels can help because when you are stressed your inflammatory response is elevated.  You may notice at times of stress your skin goes warm and red more easily, this inflammation creates heat that contributes to an environment for bacteria to grow. We can’t necessarily control the problems which are causing us stress but we can control inflammation topically by using products that sooth and calm the inflammatory response of your skin. Essential oils can be absorbed through the skin where they have infinity to aid healing and reducing stress. Essential oils have profound effect on the mind, body & soul.

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