Dermalogica thermal body treatments

Thermal stamping toolsThis detoxifying body stamping treatment combined with a thermal mud massage is designed to help detoxify the body by ingredients that attract toxins, move fluid, stimulate circulation and nourish the skin.



Thermal Body Stamping & Mud Massage

Begins with a stimulating body brushing and then invigorating body massage with customized essential oils. Warm enzymatic sea mud ball is stamped over the body followed by a thermal mud massage.  While resting in a warm cocoon wrap you will enjoy a head pressure point massage. Then the mud is removed by soothing hot towel and Ultra rich body cream customized with detoxifying essential oils lavishly massage into your skin. You will tingle all over!


Power Recovery Wrap

An intense body wrap designed to hydrate and nourish the skin with a  unique blend of wheat protein and honey  plus wasabi, ginger and white tea to stimulate circulation.

Ultimate Body Foliation

More than exfoliation… this is the ultimate body foliation!

A combination of thermal heat activator with Dermalogica’s body microfoliant  which can be beneficial for dry skin,  ingrown hairs, sun damage, pigmentation & scaring.

Invigorating Salt Scrub

No ordinary salt scrub as it contains a mix of hydro active mineral sea salt, kelp, silacylic acid plus freeze dried pure essential oils of tea tree, rosemary & lemon.  For smooth fresh skin all over!

Purifying Pedicure

Soothes the skin and stimulates circulation, perfect for the most sensitive & frail skin. Good for clients who suffer from poor circulation and fluid retention. This service can also be customised to suit clients during pregnancy.

This complete foot treatment includes a gentle exfoliation using Dermalogica’s professional strength smoothing body exfoliant and thermal foot mask.

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