Bio Surface peel


Bio Surface Peel: Biologically active / biphasic peel;This is a multi tasking blend of ingredients to refine the epidermal layers of the skin. Stimulates cell turnover, increases collagen and skin elasticity and address’s those conditions like acne, wrinkles and pigmentation. Best of all there is no down time with this amazing skin resurfacing treatment which means no hiding away for days while the skin heals,immediate results with healthy more radiant skin.
Bio-Synthesis LED: Light therapy used to manage: Acne, ageing, pigmentation, skin tone, dull skin, inflammation, sensitive skin & rosacea. Bio-Synthesis LED light therapy is totally safe and non invasive. Can be used either as a stand alone service or in conjunction with any other facial service we offer; including the Bio Resurface peel.  Clinically proven LED light therapy is known to be effective for a wide range of applications including skin rejuvenation, acne reduction, pigmentation and skin detoxification while promoting firmer skin.

PowerBright+TRx_launch+EDM.jpg (2540×3071) - Google Chrome 25062016 40202 AMDermalogica’s Power Bright TRx skin care system. It works in synergy with the BioSurface Peel for everyday skin care. Banish pigmentation & uneven skin tone.

If you want more info book a $50 consultation to discuss your concerns where we can recommend a plan to suit you.   It  includes a mini face service and recommendations to suit your budget. All Dermalogica products that you buy from us which we have recommended are 100% $ back guaranteed.


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