Body Sugaring

You can be hair free and silky smooth all of the time with professional Alexandria body sugar complete hair removal and skin care system. Effective on the shortest toughest hair without  irritating the skin and is not as painful  as waxing and over time you may achieve permanent hair reduction.  No more waiting for your stubble to re-grow, you can have smooth legs, tidy bikini area, clean underarms & less facial fuzz!

Alexandria body sugaring has been practiced overseas for over 30 years but this  hair removal treatment has only been available in Australian for a few years,taking the Aussi beauty industry by storm. Body sugaring is becoming one of our most requested services by repeat customers at Essential Body Basics, infact we have clients that travel for hours just to have this service because it is still quite rare to find a salon that offers full body sugaring.

Waxing & Sugaring services