Airbrush Mineral Foundation & Professional makeup services

Our very own brand Zyink Airbrush Mineral Makeup POP in for a FREE DEMO and get ready to experience this amazing makeup application.

Airbrush makeup has become the preferred option for bridal and special occasion makeup due to its long wearing and flawless appearance. All the images on this page are unedited photos taken by the staff of Essential Body Basics and are photo’s of our most recent bridal customers. As you can see the air brush foundation creates the illusion of a natural even skin toned skin.

The wearer barely feels it and although it takes no time to apply this foundation lasts longer than traditional foundations, in fact it looks great for 12–24 hours.

Not only is this foundation available as a professional service, you can also purchase your very own airbrush kit. DIY and have makeup like a pro anytime!

Airbrush makeup is a liquid foundation sprayed onto the skin using a spray gun to apply it. Airbrush makeup is dispersed as an extremely fine mist through the airbrush gun. Millions of tiny little dots layer together like a veil over the skin making a thin, light layer on the skin that is barely noticeable to the wearer.

Regular make up can settle and appear obvious enhancing pores and wrinkles which is even more visible on HD film. The technique has been used since 1959 in the film & entertainment industry but more recently it has become popular for photography and media.

Airbrush makeup is applied by layering several passes of makeup allowing you to build up layers to produce subtle changes. Primer Gel and Green Corrector Cream are perfect skin prep products you can use before airburshing your foundation. They both contain soothing natural plant botanicals, essential oils and minerals which help prepare the skin to hold the foundation while reducing effects of skin redness & inflammation.

Also you can add a couple of drops of Zyink Skin Dew to Zyink Airbrush Foundation. Skin Dew is a skin hydrator which gives a youthful effect when applied with Airbrush Foundation. You can apply a couple of drops directly onto the skin with your fingertips or mix it with the foundation. If you need better lasting more resilient foundation you can apply Zyink High Definition setting powder over the top to set, seal & reduce shine.

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