If you desire longer thicker hair…

If you desire longer thicker hair you can with beautiful hair extensions. Easy to wear & maintain these real hair extensions instantly enhance length & volume..

After application they are sculpted into your new hair style creating natural looking longer fuller hair.

Gadiva hair extensions are made from real human hair that is attached into your own hair to give  the appearance of longer thicker hair. They can be removed and re applied to last up to 12 months providing you treat them with respect and look after them. If not properly maintained the hair extensions will need to be replaced as often as every three to six months,  the more you look after them the longer they will last.

Plus if you want to grow your own hair longer, extensions are a great way to get instant results, then in time your own hair will become longer easily without that awful in between look!

Brush your hair without pulling or tugging, we suggest before your wash your hair with extensions in to brush hair thoroughly to de tangle it from the roots to ends.  Carefully wash with a mild shampoo without rubbing or twisting the hair, followed with appropriate conditioner, our hair stylists can recommend a shampoo & condition suitable for your hair and your hair extensions. After washing your hair gently squeeze out excess water and pat dry with towel without rubbing or rolling the hair too much then dry and style hair as normal.

This is Shari Stone, one of the hair stylists whom joined our staff in Feb. 2016. Part of her impressive resume was her past employment role of teaching salons around Australia the art of Gadiva hair extensions. We are fortunate to have our very own accredited Gadiva hair extensions educator working at Essential Body Basics.

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