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Zyink is the best quality mineral make up available.

MOISTURISE – Following your usual skin care routine allowing your moisturiser to absorb for a few minutes before applying your primer.  Apply a couple of pumps of Zyink Primer Gel onto your finger tips. Evenly spread it over the areas you will be applying your mineral makeup. Primer helps to even the oil & moisture levels of the skin and holds the minerals for a more radiant even skin tone.

CONCEAL – Corrective concealors are perfect for concealing all kinds of blemishes and are applied before foundation. Acne or pimples, also roceacea can be concealed by using green to tone down redness. To cover up dark circles or even bruising use the yellow or natural colour concealor. Dab the concealer onto the area you wish to hide and gently blend into your skin. Allow it to settle and proceed with your foundation application.

THE NATURAL EFFECT OF MINERAL MAKEUP – I suggest that before you begin place your jar of mineral make up onto a tissue to catch any loose product. To apply your mineral foundation tap some minerals into the lid. Using your kabuki brush push into the powder, swirl it around in the minerals to gather the product and then tap to settle the powder through the bristles. If there is too much product tap the brush side ways over the lid to remove the excess.

APPLYING FOUNDATION – When applying the foundation I prefer to do it in sections. Beginning with the forehead stroke the product over the skin then moving down to the cheek area, nose, chin, neck and finally down to the décolletage. If you require more coverage re load your brush, then in firm circular movements push the minerals into the skin. You may apply the product in layers until you achieve your desired coverage.

USING THE BRONZER – Not only does Zyink bronzer give a beautiful natural glow , also gives contouring structure to the shape of your face. Only need a very small amount of product is required and by using the baby buki brush bronzer application will be more precise. Tap a small amount of bronzer into the jar lid, then take your baby buki brush and gather up some minerals. In a sweeping motion it can be applied beneath the cheek bone, on the brow bone, chin & décolletage to create the illusion of a well proportioned face.

ENHANCING YOUR APPEARANCE – You can even out the structural appearance by shading in the appropriate areas. This can be done with a combination of concealing, highlighting and toning certain areas of the face. For example it can shorten the length of you face by applying it to the chin and forehead, narrow a wide face by applying it to the sides of the face and so on, just remember little is often better when applying mineral cosmetics.

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