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Essential Body Basics Signature Selection are unique and exclusive products because we make them by hand right here at Essential Body Basics. Linked with a common theme which is enhanced by blends of herbs, essential oils, plant extracts, vitamins & minerals beneficial for healthy skin, mind & body.

In this era of science technology we often forget the simplicity of remedy’s provided by nature. Essential oils have a small molecular structure capable of penetrating the skin, once applied topically they are circulate through the body where they find their natural affinity for healing and repairing. Herbs and plant extracts have been used historically for their medicinal properties. These products have been developed to help promote health and well being along with other positive effects. They can influence mood, enhance senses, make you feel alert, uplifted or calm and relaxed. There are several blended themes containing carefully selected essential oils, herbs, plant extracts & fragrance linking complementary products within each theme. Match your chosen blend of herbal tea, then layer the effect by incorporating the luxury body products and set the mood with luring scents of fragrant candles & diffusers.

Herbal tea

A simple way of giving your body the building blocks it needs to manufacture healthy tissues and help to balanced hormones while relaxing. If you drink herbal tea every day you may experience many significant changes to your mood and energy levels. Essential Body Basics signature selection of blended organic herbal teas have been formulated for specific benefits without flavour enhancers or artificial additives, they are organic and low calorie. Steep loose herbal tea long enough for the flavor, aroma and herbal extracts to release, in some cases the tea may need to steep as long as 10 to 15 minutes to really bring out all the herbal properties. Another easy way of getting extra water and herbal extracts into your system, just keep topping up your pot throughout the day.

Essential Body Wash Gel

Perfect alternative to soap which leaves your skin cleansed, refreshed and completely invigorated. It’s a perfect companion to the Essential Body Butter for double delight.

Bath salts

Nobility Bath Salt box & jar

No ordinary bath salt, these are pure salt infusions… Magnesium sulphate & Himalayan rock crystals packed with minerals to relieve & sooth. Infused by a blend of complementary essential oils and herbs for added therapeutic benefits.

Massage oil

Blended massage oil with pure essential oils to enhance your private home massage. Treat injury, pain & inflammation while inducing rejuvenation and relaxation. No risk of oily ruined linen because it is water soluble.

Body butter

Nourishing properties of shea butter, rosehip oil, vitamin E, apricot, avocado, aloe vera and cocoa butter infused with pure essential oils that leave your skin feeling velvety soft. For double delight we recommend preparing your skin with Essential Body Wash before you indulge in our luscious body butter. Your skin will be completely conditioned and lingering with the beautiful scent.

Soy candles

Aromatic Soy Candles designed to create aromatic ambience. They have extra long burn times, presented glass jars with attractive natural timber lids and packaged in beautiful boxes. Candles make a thoughtful gift or lovely treat, they come in two sizes which available in each complementary fragrance.

Fragrant diffusers

Exotic, invigorating, tantalising or enchanting, calming and relaxing, there is a fragrance to suit everyone. Exceptional long lasting diffused fragrances in a petite square jar with attractive timber lid, natural thick diffuser reeds are packaged in matching boxes. When you run out you can simply re-fill as we also have the fragrance available in affordable refill bottle. Match your fragrant diffusers with our soy candles to create the mood you like in any room in your home.


Unity was specifically designed with ingredients most suitable for those with health issues whom are medicated or those with fragile skin and sensitivities. If you do suffer an illness, are taking medication or pregnant, we still recommend you seek medical advice before drinking herbal teas and using essential oils. In addition the Unity range also includes extra products designed especially for mother and baby. UniTEA can help prepare for birth, encourage healthy recovery after birth & stimulate milk production. Blooming Belly Rub for daily use as the skin stretches to reduce stretch marks, Birthing Blend is for massage to help comfort mother during delivery. Boobs, Belly & Bum Balm can be used for preparing nipples for breastfeeding, soothe cracked nipples, belly skin recovery & on baby’s bottom for protection of nappy rash. Body wash gel is also gentle enough for baby. Unity set_31

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