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Sit back and relax in our fabulous Massage Pedi Chair

Pedicures should not be considered ‘beauty treatments’ because a pedicure is really about foot health. Our Pedicure’s are popular because we take the time for a proper foot treatment and if your feet as like this then you should be having regular pedicure’s. Offering a range of pedi treatments from basic table top pedi to deluxe spa […]

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Amazon Curl Softening – Frizz control

Get your hair under control with our professional curl softening treatment The Amazon Series contains fruit and plant extracts from the Amazon rain forest. These amazing products  contain anti oxidants, vitamins and proteins for intense hydration which will restore and balance your hair gently reducing curl volume. Gets frizzy hair under control leaving your hair […]

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The best quality mineral make up

Zyink mineral make up MOISTURISE – Following your usual skin care routine allowing your moisturiser to absorb for a few minutes before applying your primer, you can also incorporate our very own Zyink Face Serum and then apply a couple of pumps of Zyink Primer Cream onto your finger tips. Evenly spread it over the […]

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