Alexandria Professional Hair Removal

We don’t just wax, we also sugar!

We offer both full body waxing or sugaring, which ever suits you the best.  For delicate body services we pride ourselves on privacy and hygiene, preparing the body area by thoroughly cleansing first then after the treatment we apply a soothing aftercare gel.

There are few salons in the country offering full body sugaring is an alternative to waxing.  We have been doing body sugaring for several years now and have managed to perfect this difficult technique. Some clients tell us it doesn’t hurt as much as waxing and they prefer this method for those delicate areas like bikini line or the full brazi, otherwise known as LA Bikini sugaring. Alot of people suffer irritation from waxing and often get terrible ingrown hairs and people whom are prone to allergic reactions often comment on the fact they don’t have these problems after the sugaring method.


The sugar paste is made from sugar, lemon juice and water to lower risk of an allergic reaction and the technique use to apply and remove is very different to the manor waxing is performed.  It is applied against the hair growth direction and then removed with the hair growth direction (the opposite to waxing) so the removal of the hair from the follicle is done in the least irritating way, not distorting the follicle which leads to ingrown hairs. With waxing the hair follicle can become distorted, the new hair growing inside the follicle gets stuck on its way out which leads to ingrown hairs. This also makes a perfect environment for bacteria to grow, which leads to infection. If you have suffered from this after waxing, sugaring could just be the best hair removal system for you.

If you wonder why our prices might be more than our opposition it’s because we are hair removal experts. We take more time and effort to do a proper job using the best quality products plus offer professional advice to manage problems like ingrown hairs and dry skin.

Also most services are extended. For example our ½ leg wax or sugar is just above the knee, our chin wax or sugar includes the neck also. Our eye brow wax is an expert shaping & grooming service and we often make recommendations to enhance your eyebrow shape, explaining how to highlight and correct uneven brows, showing you how to maintain them between visits.

You tube Sugaring

You tube Sugaring

So if you want an expert wax or sugar come to us and experience the difference!

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