Bio Surface peel combined with Bio Synthesis LED

It is never too late to start taking care of your skin!

We hear many customers say “why would you bother” or “the damage is done, nothing could change it…”

Well this is one of our customers that believed those words but after some proper skin advice including basic home skin care routine along with a series of Bio Surface Peel’s + Bio Synthesis LED treatments we changed her mind.

Check out her before and after photo’s which were taken recently, they have not been edited to look better, she is one of our very happy customers.

Before & After best

This is what we did to rejuvenate this clients skin.

Firstly she came in for a skin consultation where she received a mini facial service along with advice on home care to prepare her skin for peeling.

She had a series of 3 Bio Surface Peels + Bio Synthesis LED and in between peels she also had a basic facial + Bio Synthesis LED within 2 months.

The first photo was taken before any professional skin services were done although she had started using recommended products at home and has personally noticed improvements already.

The second photo was taken right after her last treatment. You can clearly see how bright and fresh her skin looks without any irritation  which is how many other skin peeling treatments can leave your skin.

Take skin health to a new depth with Dermalogica’s new Bio Surface Peel which we combine with Bio Synthesis LED to get even better results.

The latest and greatest result driven skin therapy treatment now available to beauty therapists. First you need to book a personal consultation where we will explain in private to you all about this result driven facial treatment and options suitable to your individual skin concerns while you receive a mini facial service.

We also incorporate LED after the peel because it reduces inflammation, aids recovery and speeds up rejuvenation and no one would know you’ve had a professional skin peel.

Plus when you have the  Bio Surface Peel & Bio Synthesis LED we give you take home the Ultra Calming home care mini kit to nurture your regenerating skin.

Bio Surface Peel

Biologically active / biphasic peel

This is a multi tasking blend of ingredients to refine the epidermal layers of the skin. Stimulates cell turnover, increases collagen and skin elasticity and address’s those conditions like acne, wrinkles and pigmentation. Best of all there is do down time with this amazing skin resurfacing treatment which means no hiding away for days while the skin heals, immediate results with healthy more radiant skin.

A totally concept of skin peeling, formulated with the most progressive technology available to beauty therapists. We can make a program to suit your budget and skin concerns.

Our expert Dermalogica skin therapist has performed many Bio Surface Peel skin treatments with years of experience treating a variety of skin concerns.

Bio resurface peel

LED machine

LED machine


Bio-Synthesis LED light therapy

For acne, age management, pigmentation, skin tone, dull skin, sensitive skin & rosacea

Also another modality which can be used on any skin type, is totally safe and non invasive.  Bio-Synthesis LED light therapy can be used either as a stand alone service or in conjunction with any other facial service we offer including the Bio Resurface peel.

Clinically proven LED light therapy is known to be effective for a wide range of applications including skin rejuvenation, acne reduction, hyerpigmentation and skin detoxification while promoting more even and firmer skin tone.

Get your skin in fabulous condition Book a consultation – only $50 includes information for your skin treatment options & mini facial.


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